Happy Birthday Amaury! { Houston Area Baby Planner Photographer }

I can’t believe my first baby planner has graduated! It is such a bittersweet moment for me! It has been such a fun ride watching this sweet boy grow up. He was all smiles for his birthday shoot! It’s easy to see why his mommy and daddy are head-over-heels over this little man! <3

Amaury I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as I have enjoyed watching you grow! Thank you to his sweet parents for giving me the opportunity to capture the most important moments in his life!!

Handsome baby is now one

Amaury shares his birthday with Essence Captured Photoraphy

Sweet Ramsey ~ 4 months { Houston Kingwood Humble Child Portrait Photographer }

You may remember this handsome fellow from his moving birth pictures and newborn pictures! He is now 4 months old! He has changed so much! He continues to bring smiles to his mommy and daddy’s faces! I have really loved working with this family! Maybe it’s because it never feels like work when I am taking their pictures! One of the main reasons I love this “job” so much is due to the awesome people I get to meet! I’m happy to say that most of my clients are now close friends of mine! <3

Ramsey, you are a very blessed little boy! It’s easy to see that all over your sweet face!! <3


cute baby boy at 4 months old

Sweet Ramsey has his 4 month pictures taken with Essence Captured Photography