Houston Kingwood Humble Atascocita, TX affordable maternity session

The Belly Session

40 weeks seems like a lifetime away for you to wait before you get to hold that precious bundle you've been carrying inside. But after the baby is born, it is so easy to forget the precious moments you had when baby was growing and moving inside. Women are the most beautiful when they are carrying a new life. Capture the memory by scheduling a Maternity portrait session.

Maternity Portrait Sessions are recommended to be scheduled between 30 to 36 weeks, but they can be done up until your due date. They can be done inside the studio or outside on location. Your significant other is encouraged to jump into the portraits with you and be part of the experience! Siblings are welcome as well however the focus of a maternity session is always that beautiful belly.

Birth Documentary

Houston Kingwood Humble Atascocita, TX afforadable birth session

If Ashley were to choose her favorite subject to photograph, it would be birth photography. A woman in labor is God's most beautiful creation. Every contraction brings her closer to meeting the perfectly made little person inside her. These moments are beautiful, painful, moving and real.

A birth documentary is the perfect way to preserve these last special moments when a couple becomes a family. The first look from a mother at her newborn is priceless. Ashley is very discreet with her photography as not to disturb the atmosphere. She is honored to be chosen to capture such special and tender moments.


Houston Kingwood Humble Atascocita, TX affordable and unique newborn baby sessionYour angel has finally arrived and your life will never be the same. Time seems to pass you by. You find yourself staring at this perfect creation; watching her tummy rise with every breath and feeling her fingers curl around yours. Never again, will she be this small. Never again will she be this fragile.

Newborn portraits are a perfect way to capture all of the details of this special time and cherish them FOREVER.

I know that getting out of the house with a new baby and a tired mommy is not easy. I believe that the quality of portrait you receive is directly proportional to your ability to relax and enjoy the experience. That is why the experience at Essence Captured Photography is different from any other.

Newborn portrait sessions are created in a warm home environment where tired new parents can relax, put their feet up, have a snack, and enjoy watching their little one make their big debut. They are typically 2-3 hour sessions because we schedule plenty of time for nursing, changing, and cuddling between shots.

The most precious time to photograph a newborn is between 5-10 days of life. During this time babies will usually retain some of the natural curl from when they were in mommy's tummy. Newborn babies are also more sleepy and pliable for the most desired poses. Your curling, sleeping newborn will make for the most memorable and meaningful photographs. At two weeks newborns usually hit a growth spurt and much of the session is spent feeding rather than taking pictures so ideally we try to schedule the shoot before the baby is 2 weeks old. Unfortunately, the first two weeks after your baby is born are the ones that go by in a flash! For this reason, I really encourage expectant parents or relatives to contact the studio ahead of time about a newborn session.

Houston Kingwood Humble Atascocita, TX affordable and fun cake smash session

The Cake Smash!

It's the quintessential 1st birthday shot... your baby's first bite of cake! Let them have a ball eating up their very own specially made birthday cake. First birthday portrait sessions are a progression of traditional 12 months portraits, candid shots of your child playing, and then topped off with the ultimate cake smash! Clients love using these photos for custom first birthday invitations, or thank you cards for 1st birthday gifts. The Cake Smash session is a hysterical way to celebrate baby leaving babyhood in style!

Children and Family

Houston Kingwood Humble Atascocita, TX affordable and fun children and family sessionAshley strives to capture life as it happens; a child's goofy face, his day dreaming stare, her belly laughs. Real Life.

Essence Captured Photography clients are looking for something different than the typical department store portrait for their family, and I enjoy providing a fun, relaxed, and memorable experience that will capture the personality that is unique to each family member.

During children and family portrait sessions, Ashley takes a mixture of formal and candid shots. She captures all of the little details. Sessions are spontaneous, relaxed, and fun! Many clients tell me that they have fond memories of the session itself. Family and children sessions can also be booked on location using nature as our backdrop.

Ashley likes to sit back to observe and quietly capture your family doing what they love. Real smiles. Real memories. That is what she preserves for you.

The days are long, but the years go fast. These are the details you will want to remember forever.